Zero Trust Architecture

Netbull participated as a Grand Sponsor in the 8th Information Security Conference organized by Boussias Communications and took place Live Online & Interactive on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

For eighth consecutive year, one-of-a-kind experts on cyber security took the stand and were placed about burning issues of security, exchanged views and shared their experiences with analyzed of current trends, based on real life case studies, best practices and innovative solutions. Executives of the greatest corporations who face threats every day, decision makers, experts of the market and academics revealed strategies, approaches and technologies that make the difference and reinforce enterprise resilience.
During Session #1 of the Conference: Trends & Evolutions (09:55 – 13:05),
Mr Nikitas Kladakis – Information Security Director of Netbull,
at his presentation entitled:

"Security Beyond The Perimeter: Zero Trust Architecture"

analyzed cyber security trends & challenges in the year 2021.
During the presentation he described how Netbull, by adopting the zero trust architecture, can meet these challenges and what technologies and services it provides to protect the valuable assets of its customers.
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