Netbull Security Operation Center (nSOC)

Netbull as a specialized IT security company, provides value-added solutions and reduction of information management risk.
Our services are designed to cover the full range of security systems management and provide side to side protection: network perimeter, data center, critical information, physical and virtual infrastructure, remote users etc. They are a structural element of the compliance of an organization with regulatory standards such as GLBA, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC CIP, GDPR and ISO 27001/27002.
All of the Managed Security Services we provide are designed to support businesses to detect threats early, before there is a breach in their protection mechanisms.

nSOC to SIC transformation

We transform our Security Operation Center (SOC) to a Security Intelligence Center (SIC). A SIC has proactive approach and views an incident as an opportunity to learn from the attributes of the attack, to build a more defensive and resilient system. Our focus is on knowledge management and the ability to distill the key metadata of each stage of the attack into a rapidly searchable, meaningful database of information. It is complimented by an automated system of defenses and the knowledge of where to plug back that information. It is security intelligence in action!

"The move from OPERATIONS to INTELLIGENCE is our primary target"

The Analyst in a SIC is inquisitive, likes to solve problems, thinks through what is happening and helps to develop a defensive architecture. Our Security teams proactively hunt for threats in the IT environment by applying AI (based on IBM Watson Analytics) to what they see, monitor and analyze.
Increased visibility, deeper security context, improved workflows and automation coupled with security analytics, help make meaningful and quick decisions.
Ιt is well known that innovation and IT technologies, such as cloud services, social media, big data and mobile computing, help organizations business opportunities to move forward, but at the same time, they create opportunities for malicious attacks to bypass protection systems, either cutting edge technologies or older. Combining security information, event management and threat detection capabilities at any endpoint on the network and qualified personnel, the I-nSOC was designed to support security personnel to detect quickly malicious attacks that often cannot be detected and managed by the IT team of an organization.
Cornerstones of Netbull Security Intelligence Center (SIC) are:
Automation: Automation and orchestration tools speed up alert triggers, context gathering, containment and remediation. Security automation allows visibility across networks and endpoints, making it easy to decide which alerts can be solved by a security tool, understand the time taken to detect and respond to an attack and decide when a manual approach is needed, thereby sparing the analyst’s time for issues up the value chain.
Threat Intelligence: Our SIC combine threat intelligence, big data analytics and machine learning to study previous threats and orchestrate automated responses in real-time. It reduces detection and response times drastically and eliminates fragmented, time-consuming manual responses. Enriching internal data analysis with external threat intelligence enables the rapid detection of advanced malware and breaches, and drastically improves incident response time.
Analytics: Big data analytics, where business intelligence algorithms are used for large-scale data processing, have become commoditized. Prescriptive security analytics transforms data (structured and unstructured data from IT, OT and IoT) into intelligence with deep packet analysis, pattern recognition and weak signal detection.
The design of Netbull security services was to provide abilities for:
  • Full visibility by monitoring all incidents, information about the network assets, the storage of sensitive data, vulnerabilities and other operational or technical IT infrastructure details.
  • Advanced control mechanism to detect, identify, address and manage potential threats, through an affordable, off-the-shelf, integrated and modular solution / combination solutions.
  • Advanced threat identification process that can automatically combine data from the inside and the outside of a network, and correlate with specific information on possible threats.
  • Investigation and analysis of incidents by priority, based on data from the relevance of the event.
  • Violation Incidents Management of protection mechanisms through advanced management tools, as well as notification and alerting tools.