Assessment & Compliance

Netbull created the vulnerability services, as part of the analysis and security management, in order to evaluate in depth, the protection capacity of the mechanisms available to organizations such as network architecture, security systems, policies, procedures, vulnerabilities, threats, etc. 
The purpose of these services is the suggestion of corrective - remedial measures to maximize the protection mechanisms and their compliance with the security policy. 
Services include: 
Penetration testing
With penetration tests we simulate the acting environment, the thinking and logic of hacker, which is intended to invade computer information systems.
Our goal is to apply the knowledge and methods used by the attacker in order to discover weaknesses in computer information and communication systems BEFORE him!
Penetration tests determine whether:  
  • Data may be damaged, stolen or destroyed
  • The services can be destroyed or become inactive
  • The security systems and architecture can be bypassed
Vulnerability assessment
The primary objective of this service is the fullest record of vulnerabilities of the examined information system, which will allow us to determine the possible effects of an invasion, so depending on the risk analysis, to implement the safeguard of this information system at the lowest possible cost.
Thus by recording security vulnerabilities, we are able to know two highly significant parameters:  
  • The security status of our information system
  • The cost (direct and indirect) of a possible attack
Regulation Compliance Services
This section also includes services to identify gaps, prepare the compliance plan and implement for the company the documentation for a Data Management System in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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