Threat Prevention

Real Time Monitoring heart is Netbull Threat Prevention platform that provides the necessary security incidents analysis mechanisms and real time network flow via an intelligent machine which implements the event management rules throughout the IT infrastructure, helping organizations/customers to detect and combat threats which often remain invisible and undetectable by other security solutions.
These threats can include the unauthorized use of the applications, the leakage of confidential data and advanced "low and slow" threats that hide in the "noise" of millions of events. With automated alerts sorted by priority and sent through Netbull Threat Prevention Platform, service provides statistically reliable and highly detailed information about attacks.

Incident Response
Netbull shall investigate any malicious action manifested against information systems, such as file theft, denial of service, etc.

The investigation and the relevant report include:
  • Comprehensive facts analysis, to understand how the attack to assess the duration of the operation, the depth of damage, etc.
  • Design and implementation of the necessary s security measures, to protect the site/company from similar attacks
  • Collection of evidence, to be documented intruder guilty.

Security Management
Companies today are in a constant battle to protect and secure their data. The threats continue to change and multiply along with the technologies used to prevent them. The design, integration and management of a successful - theoretically at least – security program is a vast, complex and expensive for most companies. And if such a program is never guaranteed full protection, success is measured by its risks management efficiency.
Netbull provides a new security service program (managed security services) which is designed to help companies make a new generation of 'smart' security applications based on information (intelligence-driven solutions), such as security event management systems so that they can identify and neutralize sophisticated threats.

The combination of security products and Netbull services give us the following features:
  • Full visibility by tracking all events, information about the network assets, the storage for repository of sensitive data, information on vulnerabilities and other operational or technical details of the infrastructure,
  • Advanced control mechanism to detect, identify, address and manage potential threats, through an economic, standard (off-the-shelf), integrated and modular solution / combination of solutions,
  • Improved risk identification process that can automatically combine information from the inside and outside network environment, but also to correlate with specific information on possible threats,
  • Investigation and analysis of incidents by priority and based on data from the relevance of the event,
  • Manage incidents of protection mechanisms violation through advanced management tools, as well as alert and creation tools.
Specifically, Netbull undertakes:
  • The complete management of security elements such as UTMs, IPS, WAF, SIEM etc., reducing in this way the cost of specialized security staff and the cost of continuing training of such personnel
  • The assess vulnerabilities (Vulnerability assessment) at regular intervals, for the monitoring and management of security holes
  • The security software renewals and upgrades, to reduce the chances for successful primary security incident
  • The integrated real-time monitoring and incident responding

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