Security as a Service

This service provides the implementation of a web application firewall that protects web applications from hackers who act unchecked on the Internet.
In addition, the Netbull WAF as a Service includes 24x7 real time monitoring and support by the specialized company's security team through Netbull Security Operation Center (nSOC).
The technical and functional features of this service are:
  • Web applications protection. The WAFaaS protects immediately and effectively the web applications of an organization from attacks like SQL injection, XSS, OS command injection etc.
  • Real-time monitoring. Through Netbull Security Operation Center, experienced engineers analyze 24x7x365 in real time security events and alerts from the Web Application Firewall, to detect attacks and protect the web applications. This service is supported by the Netbull Threat Management platform.
  • Immediate implementation. The Netbull WAFaaS does not require hardware equipment or software purchasing and provided directly without any change in the organization's infrastructure simply by using DNS.
  • 24x7x365 Support. Netbull Security Operation Center is a modern monitoring and control center, staffed with experienced engineers and security experts in complex and distributed environments.
  • Τhreat Intelligent. Netbull WAFaaS includes the threat intelligent service which protect web applications by using reputation mechanisms and community defense.
  • Regulations Compliance. The service in cooperation with the integrated Netbull Threat management platform provide the necessary information for the compliance of the organization with the requirements arising from the regulatory framework and safety standards as PCI, FFIEC / GLBA, SOX and HIPAA, etc.
  • Vulnerability Assessment. Through the service, for better pro-active protection, our company at regular intervals or on demand, draw up assess vulnerabilities of web applications to detect and eliminate any security loopholes.

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