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Netbull, anticipating early developments in the field of protecting and maintaining the authenticity of corporate data but also maintaining a responsible and respected corporate profile, has developed a security architecture called netbull 3D * Security Architecture (nSA), which holistically addresses the Information Security requirements of an organization.

The main purpose of this architecture is data protection, so it based on network security for the development of the necessary safety mechanisms and concludes with the security mechanisms at every level.

The nSA architecture, divided into eight (8) structural axes and three dimensions.

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Our Services

Netbull can provide the industry's broadest portfolio of managed services to secure your organization and maximize value throughout your security journey.

Managed Security Services

Manage 24x7 threat detection, response and remediation at endpoint devices...

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Security as a Service

Detection & Prevention of any malicious attack on a website and web applications...

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Advisory Services

Use the knowledge and experience of someone to manage your business’ security program...

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Threat Management

A process used by Netbull cybersecurity team to prevent cyber-attacks, detect cyber threats and respond to security incidents.


The core module of this process is Netbull eASIS, a Threat Management Platform which is based on a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software including advanced elements such as user behavior analytics (UBA), network flow insights and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to accelerate security incident detection and response. eASIS is integrated seamlessly with a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tool for reduction of repetitive tasks.

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Threat Management

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